Top Christmas Gifts 2017

Top Christmas Gifts 2018

Top Toys For Christmas 2018

Get your Top Christmas Gifts 2018 list ready now and you won’t have to worry about checking it twice! If you’re shopping for a multitude of stocking stuffers Top Christmas Gifts 2017Whenever Christmas comes, people have to face the same issue i.e. how to select and buy the most exciting and top Christmas gifts for their near and dear ones. However, it is consider as a great advantage if people know about the likes and dislikes of their family members & friends. Nevertheless, what if people have no clue what to give them or even what they really like.Therefore, in this article I am going to share the some worth reading information about the top Christmas gifts 2018 because selecting the best gift for the loved ones always ensures an awesome feeling when it is unwrapped usually on Christmas morning. For that reason, it is advisable to have a detail look at the below given list of the top Christmas gifts 2018.

#1 Teddy Ruxpin – Official Return of the Storytime and Magical Bear

So this is the toy people are already losing their mind over. You know you grew up with Teddy, but this is the Teddy Ruxpin of the Digital Age.

#2 Nintendo Classic Edition

Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition throwback console. And the entire world went crazy. Now, a mere 10 months later, our Benevolent Mustachioed Overlords have favored us with a second delightful retro mini console, the Super NES Classic Edition.

#3 The Barbie Three-Story Townhouse

This remarkable and top Christmas gift 2017 takes the contemporary spin directly on the outdated dollhouses, which have long been desired by majority of the girls for years. This Barbie three-story townhouse has four rooms along with the rooftop sitting room for sunbathing. Moreover, this townhouse comes with the eye-catching and classic pieces of the furniture such as sofa, dining table, bathtub, chairs & additional add-ons. Kids can fold up the Barbie three-story townhouse with the add-ons inside in order to store it safely.

#4 Furby Connect

Furby connect is making a huge reappearance with updated features for meeting the needs of today’s high technological world.  It features approximately more than hundred eye animations for connecting with its current users. Moreover, it can easily be connected to user’s iPad in order to help them to learn new and different phrases along with the help of Furby connect applications. Users will receive all the updates including videos and music.

#5 WowWee Robot Dog

I would like to mention that this year; robotic pets are simply making the statement as the most wanted toys that are something kids can get more excited about concerning the category of top Christmas gifts 2017. Kids will surely love WowWee robot dogs because it quickly responds to the voice commands of the kids without any trouble & cleanup, which comes with ordering and training the live pets. According to the reviews, this toy will surely rock the party by attracting the attention of kids all over the world.

#6 Finding Dory

Another awesome Christmas gift for the kids is finding dory. It is motion stimulated & will abruptly respond with different lines from the film so kids can recreate their chosen scenes or even use their thoughts in a better way. Kids only have to touch the dory’s fin & they can hear dory’s well-known whale call. This Christmas gift is worth buying for the kids.

#7 Tri-Strike Blaster

The great tri-strike blaster presented by Nerf is surely guaranteed to be the huge blast in each household. Tri-strike blaster is the newest released strike blaster in series of the N-strike modulus from Hasbro. Users are able to blast their target in three different and unique ways, which can be used, combined, separately with approximately thousand combinations. It is important to note that this Tri-strike blaster is meant for everybody aged eight & above.

#8 Vtech Kidi Superstar Toy

If kids love music and dream of becoming the pop stars in future then, they will definitely like the amazing Vtech kidi superstar toy because it features the working microphone along with colorful and interesting disco lights that will permit kids to imagine the real life like performance on stage. It has various incredible features as voice changing effects, recording features, tongue twisters etc.

#9 Furreal Friends Magical Dragon Named Torch

All the kids out there who love pets will certainly have an engaging and rich experience with the magical dragon presented by Hasbro. This toy is gaining too much attention among kids while holding the special position in the list of top Christmas gifts 2017. This user friendly, imaginary fire breather can delight users with approximately fifty combined motions and sounds thus, making users believe this awesome dragon baby has actually come to the life.  This toy has wide and expressive eyes along with thick eyelashes, shining face having a look of innocence and trust.

#10 Think & Learn Code a Pillar

Once think and learn code a pillar is activated, kids can create a range of commands by simply joining the different sections to the mechanical head through USB connections. Furthermore, each section has the different command in order to permit the toy to turn corners, move forward while making music resting upon the order once commands are placed. This toy encourages the kids to be great thinkers by motivating them to arrange segments meaningfully.

#11 Thomas & Friends Track Master

This toy permit kids to build their personal custom made mechanical railway along with exciting train sets, expansion packs that are connectable & their desired Thomas and friends characters. This toy includes mechanical Thomas train, cargo hopper, complete track layout along with bridge jump & ramp and Harold a helicopter.

#12 LEGO Nexo Machine of Doom 

The outstanding LEGO Nexo comes with three mini numbers that will be combined from automobile mode to the siege mode with the help of dual catapults & the disc shooter. Moreover, it is packed amazingly with action modules that can take the kids on various adventures.


In the end, it can be concluded that selecting that best and top Christmas gift is a tiresome task. If people decide to purchase, Christmas gifts one day before that actual event they do not have to wonder to see the completely empty shelves in different shops.  Thus, it is advisable to never wait until the last day. Try to purchase the Christmas gifts in the starting of December in order to have the best one and trendy gift while being relaxed and happy when Christmas approached this year in a better way.